iranian red crescent


               Voluntary Services


•Identification, recruitment and organisation of voluntary resources and public partnership

•Implementation of cultural and promotional programmes in order to promote humanitarian activities

•Development of humanitarian and charitable services

•Provision of supportive services to the affected and vulnerable people in emergency and non-emergency situations

•Arrangement of the training programmes for the volunteers

•funds raising activities in the public places

•Implementation of Homaye-Rhamat campaign in the month of Ramadan including distributing food packages amongst prisoners and needy families

•Implementation of Fereshtegane-Rahmat campaign including the distribution of food packages, clothes and stationeries amongst female breadwinners, poor families' children and those in need in total;

•Setup of preparedness camps for the volunteers

•Rendering of free medical services by voluntary physicians

•Dispatching of the benevolent caravans to the affected areas for health, treatment, pharmaceutical and psychological services to the vulnerable

•Participation of the volunteers in collection, organization and distribution of the public contributions