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6,000 Pilgrims Seen Daily at IRCS Medical Centers in Iraq

TEHRAN, KARBALA, 18 October 2019 (IRCS) – 6,000 of Arbaeen pilgrims are seen on a daily basis at the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS)’s medical centers in Iraq.

4 weeks ago

6,000 Pilgrims Seen Daily at IRCS Medical Centers in Iraq

Most of the patients refer to the centers for such reasons as musculoskeletal pains, joint pains, cramps and blisters due to fatigue and long walks, according to Dr, Mohammad Taghi Hollisaz, Head of the IRCS Hajj Pilgrimage Medical Center.

Cold, pulmonary infections and gastrointestinal diseases are other reasons the pilgrims go to the IRCS medical centers.

Iranian Red Crescent has deployed 8 ambulance buses and nearly 50 ambulances in Iraq. The presence of millions of pilgrims in the religious cities of Iraq has made it difficult to drive any vehicles while many patients had been transferred to the Mehran border by the IRCS ambulances to continue treatment in Iran.

This year, the Iranian Red Crescent has deployed 2,500 people in Iraq, including specialized physicians, doctors, female nurses, pharmaceutical technicians, health experts, relief workers, Arabic translators, informatics experts, EMS technicians, etc. to serve Arbaeen pilgrims.

“This year, the Iranian Red Crescent has increased the variety of medicines and the number of medical centers in Iraq by nearly 40 percent to serve Arbaeen pilgrims but given the growing number of pilgrims, which has been beyond expectations, the number of pilgrims to the clinics is high so about 6,000 pilgrims are seen at Iranian Red Crescent clinics daily,” said Hollisaz.

This year, Iranian Red Crescent has provided 60 medical and health centers  in Karbala, Najaf, Samarra, Hillah, as well as the Najaf-Karbala route.