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Prof. Ziaee visits Armenian Red Cross in Yerevan

The Iranian Red Crescent Society’s delegation headed by Prof. Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee, IRCS President met with Dr. Mkhitar Mnatsakanyan, President of Armenian Red Cross Society in Yerevan.
He visited the Armenian Red Cross to transfer the Iranian Red Crescent's experiences to Armenian national society in the fields of education, disaster management, non violence efforts in the communities, youth affairs, harm reduction in communities, and making social responsibilities for youth.
Prof. Ziaee referred to the aims of the visit to Armenia and said: "One of the aims is to sign a memorandum of understanding in line with the fundamental principles, humanitarian objectives and the regional cooperation of the both national societies.
Whilst appreciating Prof. Ziaee for paying a visit to the activities of the Armenia Red Cross, Dr. Mkhitar Mnatsakanyan noted that it is important for us to expand the joint humanitarian activities between the two national societies by exchanging knowledge and experience and signing a Memorandum of Understanding for further cooperation in the fields of prevention, response, disaster management and risk reduction, and strengthening institutional capacities by considering the valuable experiences of the Red Crescent Society of Iran.
"I am confident that it is feasible to provide good humanitarian services to the people of both countries by using the experiences and capabilities of the two National Societies of Iran and Armenia" expressed Dr. Mnatsakanyan in the meeting with his Iranian counterpart.