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Lesotho Red Cross President Visits Iranian Red Crescent



On July 24th 2017, a delegation from the Lesotho Red Cross Society including Mr. Silas Mosuhli, and Mr. Kopano Masilo, President and Secretary General respectively met with Prof. Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee, President of Iranian Red Crescent Society in Tehran.

The visit aimed at the discussions on the expansion of cooperation, particularly in the fields of healthcare and trainings on relief and rescue between two National Societies.

Pointing to the activities of the Iranian Red Crescent in the field of volunteering and cooperation of more than two million volunteers and youth members with the National Society, Prof. Ziaee said that currently, there are more than 60,000 relief workers and rescuers active in more than 1,000 Red Crescent relief and rescue posts, and now more than one thousand ambulances, specialised vehicles and helicopters constitute the relief and rescue logistics fleet of Iranian Red Crescent Society.

"The Iranian Red Crescent also offers coherent programmes in the field of training in particular the development of public awareness and education in the country. As an example, the implementation of Khadem scheme (Prepared Family for Risks) to increase the preparedness of 25 million families in disasters that runs nationally, in which there can be coherent cooperation with the Lesotho Red Cross," mentioned Prof. Ziaee in his meeting with President of the Lesotho Red Cross.  

Khadem scheme is part of Red Crescent public education in line with article 3 of Iranian Red Crescent' statute that states "planning and action for disaster preparedness and tanning the general public in emergencies."

Prof. Ziaee stated that many health centres and a specialised hospital in the country and twenty one medical centres of the Iranian Red Crescent in different countries are working to provide healthcare services to the needy people. He also stressed that there is a need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to develop cooperation between two National Societies. 

Pointing out to the request for the establishment of a health clinic in Lesotho, Prof. Ziaee said the Iranian Red Crescent Medical Centre was shut down in Zimbabwe and could restart its activities by establishing a new medical centre in Lesotho. "In the field of disaster management training, it is also possible to despatch experts to provide trainings," Prof. Ziaee added. 

In his meeting with President of Iranian Red Crescent Society, Mr. Mosuhli said that we are ready for further cooperation between two national societies and the Lesotho Red Cross needs to work with the Iranian Red Crescent in the area of healthcare services, especially in HIV/AIDS control and cancer treatment. Since Iran's Red Crescent is proactive in preparing and responding to disasters, we are interested to cooperate together more in this field. 

We also need support in the provision of logistics equipment, such as ambulance. Since one of our current challenges in the country is the service provision for children and orphans, and there is good cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) for the provision of healthcare and educational services, there is a hope that we can cooperate with the Iranian Red Crescent to get benefit of its experience.

The Lesotho Red Cross is committed to supporting the Iranian Red Crescent Society in the upcoming elections for vice presidency of IFRC Asia Pacific to pave the way for development of the other National Societies.

During his official visit to the Iranian Red Crescent, Mr. Mosuhli will also pay a visit to various organisations and departments of the Iranian Red Crescent and got familiar with humanitarian activities of the National Society.