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Benin Red Cross President Mathias Agoligan Avoha Visits IRCS

Red Cross President of Benin, Mr. Mathias Agoligan Avoha, is in Tehran for three day visit trying to know more about the activities and capacities of the Iranian Red Crescent as well as to see the possibilities of further cooperation between two National Societies. 

In his visits on Tuesday, Mr. Mathias Agoligan Avoha met with Prof. Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee, President of the Iranian Red Crescent in his office at the IRCS Tehran-based headquarters. 

Prof. Ziaee welcomed his Beninese counterpart and described the humanitarian services and activities of the Iranian Red Crescent Society in the fields of youth, relief and rescue, and volunteers as "an important effort in the country" further deepening the rehabilitation services is provided by the Red Crescent Society in Iran, and the National Society is also rendering very important services in the field of artificial limbs. President of the Iranian Red Crescent also added that "we have also prepared teams for provision of healthcare in emergencies," 

Prof. Ziaee also stressed on the readiness of the National Society to set up a medical centre in Benin and said that the establishment of the medical centre "requires a tripartite agreement amongst the Red Cross Society of Benin, the Beninese Ministry of Health and the Iranian Red Crescent Society,"

He also pointed out part of Red Crescent services on public education to the people, organising training courses at Iran Helal Applied Sciences Higher Educational Institute with 30,000 students and diverse activities in the field of healthcare, adding that "offering educational services by the Iranian Red Crescent in Benin could begin in the shortest time". As well as the Red Crescent educational centres in Iran can also welcome enthusiasts from Benin to attend training courses.

In his meeting with Prof. Ziaee, the President of the Red Cross in Benin, also referred to his visit to the Iranian Red Crescent's activities and capabilities and said, "The scope of Iranian Red Crescent activities is very wide and interesting, and I'm surprised by this diversity of services, so we are interested to get benefit from the experience of the Iranian Red Crescent,"

"When there is a crisis in Benin, infectious diseases such as cholera, especially amongst children, are prevalent, so there is a problem with training Red Cross personnel in Benin to provide services to victims of such disasters," added Mr. Agoligan Avoha. 

He also called for the establishment of a relief and rescue training centre by the Iranian Red Crescent in Benin, as well as a medical centre particularly for pregnant women who are facing a lot of problems in Benin.