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German Ambassador to Iran meets Prof. Ziaee

On July 26th 2017, His Excellency Michael Klor-Berchtold, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany in Iran met with Prof. Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee, President of Iranian Red Crescent Society in Tehran.

In his meeting with German Ambassador to Tehran, Prof. Ziaee said that based on a memorandum of understanding signed between the two sides, Iran's Red Crescent is collaborating with the German Red Cross in the field of training especially trainings for sniffing dog trainers, search and rescue dogs, mountain rescue training and more.

Referring to the fact that Iran's Red Crescent is following the policy of procuring more helicopters to equip its air fleet, he stated: "The Red Crescent Society of Iran calls for the development of cooperation with active humanitarian organisations in Germany for air relief and rescue equipments as well as supplying 150 rescue vehicles from automobile manufacturers of Germany.

Prof. Ziaee added, "The Iranian Red Crescent is implementing integrated training services and is also providing public trainings in the form of a national project called Khadem to get the community more familiar with the issues of relief and rescue as well as first aid,". He also declared the readiness of Iran's Red Crescent for organising training courses and educations on first aid, as well as relief and rescue to the diplomats and employees of the German Embassy.

The President of the Iranian Red Crescent also stressed on Red Crescent activities in the field of producing relief supplies, medicines and medical equipments, healthcare activities and humanitarian service provision by Red Crescent medical centres in many countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

"The prompt presence of the Iranian Red Crescent in various incidents and disasters and the provision of services to traumatic victims and casualties is highly professional, as exemplified by the case in the rescue operation performed by the Iranian Red Crescent for German tourists who climbed to the highlands of Damavand for skiing and climbing…we also see these services worthy of praise," said German Ambassador to Tehran, Michael Klor-Berchtold, pointing out that he was impressed by the Iranian Red Crescent's activities. 

Welcoming the cooperation of the Iranian Red Crescent with the Red Cross of Germany, he also said that these cooperation are more in the field of trainings for the search and rescue teams, and since the Red Crescent Society should be quickly responsive to the incidents and disasters in a short period of time, the German Embassy is ready for any cooperation to enhance Iranian Red Crescent's capabilities. 

The German Ambassador to Iran also stressed the importance of cooperating with the Iranian Red Crescent, and expressed the readiness of his country to support and cooperate with Iran in the fields of procuring helicopter and specialized rescue vehicles for the use of the Iranian Red Crescent in response to disasters.