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Director of Crisis Management & Logistics, Ministry of Foreign Affairs from France meets Prof. Peyvandi

Prof. Ali Asghar Peyvandi, President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, met Mr. Patrice Paoli, Director of Crisis Management & Logistics, Ministry of Foreign Affairs from France on Wednesday, 21 November 2017 in IRCS headquarters in Tehran.  

In his meeting, he referred to the 100 years experiences & activities of Iranian Red Crescent Society in different fields of relief & rescue, disaster response, health, treatment and rehabilitation, training, youth, volunteers and production of medicine and medical supplies. He also pointed to IRCS clinics ‘activities  located in 14 African, Asia and South American countries to provide health services in favor of the needy people and stated that IRCS has rendered its relief services in Pakistan flood, Somalia drought and has also contributed to the Myanmar displaced people crisis.

Prof. Peyvandi referred to close cooperation between the IRCS and IFRC regarding the Risk Reduction in urban areas, resilience and education as a humanitarian need and added that once again IRCS has been elected as a member of IFRC Governing Board and plays an effective role in IFRC policy-making & strategy.

Mr. Patrice Paoli, expressed his condolences for Kermanshah earthquake and pointed to the mission of French crisis & logistics center to protect the French nationals in other countries as well as humanitarian activities of the center. He expressed that the request of IRCS to support the Kermanshah earthquake affected region will seriously be taken into consideration and this meeting is an opportunity for humanitarian cooperation between the two countries of Iran & France. 

Referring to the occurrence of earthquake in Iran and the risk for the French nationals who are living in Iran, he requested the IRCS to conduct public trainings for the French nationals.