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Cash donation from Thai government

In his meeting with the Treasurer General of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, Thailand's Ambassador to Iran, expressing sympathy with the earthquake-stricken people in Kermanshah province, handed over the cash donation amounting USD 50.000 (about 214 million Tomans) from the Thai government to assist the Iranian Red Crescent's response operations for the earthquake-struck people in western Iran.

In this meeting with Thai Ambassador to Iran, the Red Crescent Society's Treasurer General, Mehdi Alipour, while appreciating the sympathy of the Thai government with people affected by the 21 November earthquake in Iran and also the sense of responsibility of the Thai government and Embassy for the donation of this state aid to the Iran's Red Crescent, said: "The cold weather in the earthquake hit areas has left people with more problems and our efforts are to shelter and help those who are affected by the earthquake,"

During this visit, His Excellency Kallayana Vipattipumiprates, Thailand Ambassador to Iran conveyed condolences from the Thai Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to the Kermanshah survivors in the recent earthquake.

He stated that the Thai Embassy was instructed by the government to help the earthquake-stricken people in Kermanshah to assure that people and government of Thailand stay as friend beside the quake survivor in Iran.