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IRCS President Visists Iran Hospital in Dubai

Dubai, 25 January 2018 _ Prof. Ali Asghar Peyvandi, the president of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), appreciated the services rendered  to the patients by the nurses and staff of Iran's Hospital in Dubai.

On the occation of Nurse’s Day, Dr. Peyvandi visited the hospital on 24th of January. IRCS President thanked nurses for their efforts and services to honor the name of Iran and fulfill the goals of the Red Crescent Society.

Dr. Atefeh Raoufi, director of the IRCS medical centers in the United Arab Emirates, welcomed Prof, Peyvandi to the hospital. She was officially welcomed to her new post in the presence of Dr. Peyvandi. Dr. Raoufi was appointed by IRCS President to this position in December 2017.

In a ceremony held at the Hospital Convention Center and attended by Nurses, Physicians, para-clinic and administration staff and other guests from Iranian organizations in UAE, IRCS President spoke about the role of nurses in delivering the best healthcare services to all human beings while respecting the Red Crescent Society’s principal values.

Underlining Iranian Red Crescent’s high-level objectives both inside and outside the country aimed at rendering services to deprived people, the official called on the hospital's staff in Dubai to exert their best efforts to offer the best and world-class services to the patients at the hospital.

Prof, Peyvandi also lauded Dr, Raoufi as an efficient physician and able manager that, concerning  her management experiences, can promote IRCS medical centers in the UAE to a more favorable status.

During his stay in Dubai, IRCS President also visited the Kerameh Project and Safa medical center and learned about their progress.

The Iranian Hospital was built in 1970 in the United Arab Emirates and was officially inagurated on 14 April 1972. It is the first healthcare provider in Jumeirah region and currently the oldest care center in Dubai.


This hospital enjoys specialty clinics, dental services, critical care services, para-clinical services, general services and RTA clinic.