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Red Crescent Rescuers save Missing Mountain Climbers in Zanjan

Zanjan, Feb. 18 (IRCS) — Red Crescent rescuers saved 14 of a 15-member mountain climbing team trapped in snowstorm in the heights of Tarom County, the northwestern province of Zanjan, on Saturday.

The team, comprising men aged between 40 and 50, were scaling the heights when they lost mobile signal in the mountainous region and lost track of their hike due to thick fog.

The climbers were heading towards Khoshkroud before getting lost and departed the city of Zanjan on February 15. One of the climbers lost his life by a rock-fall.

Five Red Crescent relief and rescue teams were dispatched to the region to rescue the remaining climbers after one of their family members alarmed IRCS about the missing team.

Shahram Mirzaei, the managing director of Zanjan Red Crescent Branch, said the rescuers could locate the missing climbers after 15 hours of search.

The climbers were sheltered in Jorjaghan village in Tarom County and were later directed to Zanjan, he added.