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Red Crescent Responds to Flood in 6 Provinces

TEHRAN, Feb. 26 (IRCS) — Iranian Red Crescent volunteers during the past 24 hours rendered relief services to over 90 flood-affected people across 6 provinces.

Western provinces of Ilam and Kermanshah, southern province of Fars, northwestern province of Ghazvin, eastern province of southern Khorasan and central province of Yazd were involved in a severe flood on February 25. 17 Red Crescent teams made up of 127 Relief workers rendered relief services, in total, in 10 urban and village areas.

Local Red Crescent branches assisted 94 flood-affected people, transferring 16 people to safe places, providing emergency shelter for 5 people and draining five residential units.

Shahin Fathi, the deputy of operations at the Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organization, said: “Relief workers recovered 6 vehicles caught in the flood and distributed food items among the flood-affected people.”


Iranian Red Crescent Society has specialize teams for carrying out flood search and rescue operations at the time of this natural disaster.