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IRCS President Meets Public Relations Officers


TEHRAN, May. 17 (IRCS) _ President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) met members of the society’s public relations departments on the occasion of the National PR Day.

“It is up to public relations departments of the IRCS to take the right stances in face of disasters and incidents,” said Dr. Peyvandi during the meeting which was held to mark the National PR and Communications Day (May 17). “People are entitled to being informed about incidents clearly and this is a right that comes before all other rights.”

During the meeting, held at IRCS headquarters in Tehran, Dr. Peyvandi expressed his deepest gratitude to PR officers of the organization for their round-the-clock efforts.

He also underlined the high expectations of the society of PR department of the IRCS and the hardships they underwent to carry out their duties, saying: “PR plays a pivotal role in management for materialization of affairs and the proper implementation of responsibilities and activities.

“It is PR’s duty to sketch the right image about Red Crescent activities including relief and rescue operations, youths affairs, voluntary activities, etc. in the people’s minds which requires timely action by PR officers,” the IRCS President went on to add.

He also underlined the activity of social networks and the role they have in publishing crisis news.

At the beginning of the meeting, some of the directors of IRCS Public Relations aired their suggestions about the most important issues of their fields.