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IRCS Distributes almost All Homaye Rahmat Food Packages in Ramadan


TEHRAN, Jun. 11 (IRCS) _ The Volunteers Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has handed out nearly all of the 100,000 food packages it has provided for the needy in the month of Ramadan under the Homaye Rahmat Campaign.

The organization also has offered 4,000 fast-breaking iftar meal under Homaye Rahmat Campaign to the needy so far. IRCS Volunteers Organization has planned to provide 4,500 fast-breaking iftar meal during the month.

Homaye Rahmat is a campaign implemented by the Volunteers Organization during Ramadan to support food needs of needy families. Volunteers and benefactors participate in this campaign.

Homaye Rahmat is a campaign is implemented by the Volunteers Organization during Ramadan to supply food needs to needy families.

Speaking at a press conference, Habib Dargahi, acting head of IRCS Volunteers Organization, said that the campaign of fundraising which is called Kindness Rain has been arranged at provinces of Zanjan, Ghazvin, Ilam, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari so far.

Referring to setting up of volunteer houses for a variety of social classes, he added: "These houses have been established in the capital city of Tehran and most of the provinces and is endorsed by artists, physicians, lawmakers, etc.”

Iranian Red Crescent has 2,800 volunteer houses across the country.

IRCS Volunteers Organization maintains over 717,000 volunteer members and carries out voluntary activities such as supportive services to the affected vulnerable people in emergency and non-emergency situations, humanitarian campaigns for needy families and people, medical services by voluntary physicians, dispatching of benevolent caravans to the affected areas for health, etc.