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IRCS Endeavors to Restore FamilIies


TEHRAN, Jun, 28 (IRCS) _ The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is pursuing a number of cases of tracing and restoring family links for Afghan immigrants in Iran.

IRCS International Affairs and International Humanitarian Law Division has been taking measures to reconnect a 16-year-old Afghan teenager to his parents.

This teenager is living in Iran with his grandfather and the International Committee of the Red Cross intends to deliver him to his family.

IRCS International Affairs and IHL Division is also trying to restore two other Afghan teenagers, 15 and 16, to their families in Germany. They live alone in Iran.

Moreover, IRCS and ICRC delegation to Iran related the news of drowning of an Afghan woman who was crossing a border river in northwestern Iran to her family. She was crossing the river along with her husband and 3 children when she fell in the water. Search operations showed that she was buried in the border city of Poldasht, West Azerbaijan.

The man and his children are now living in Turkey. West Azerbaijan Red Crescent provincial branch and the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization are following the case to identify and deliver the deceased body to her family.