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Danish Red Cross Goodwill Praises IRCS


TEHRAN, Jun. 30 (IRCS) _ Danish Red Cross goodwill Ambassador visited Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) along his 5-year journey around the world, describing IRCS activities as unique. 

Torbjorn C. Pedersen, a goodwill ambassador with the Danish Red Cross, has arrived in Iran as the 148th country in his 5-year saga to visit every single one of the countries on the planet.

During his stay in Tehran, Torbjorn, or Thor (as he likes to be called), visited and talked with Esmail Ramezani, General Director of the IRCS Public Relations Division on June 30, 2018. He also visited IRCS museum in Tehran, the Iranian capital.

Having left his home country, Denmark back in 2013, Thor said the aim of his saga is to learn about the customs, traditions and rituals of the countries he visits, and promote public awareness on humanitarian activities of National Societies of the Red Cross and Red Crescent all over the world.

He blames poverty, war and drought for the troubles modern societies are faced with. “By these journeys that abound with experiences of all kind, I mean to clarify why National Societies are there and what they do. I also intend to strengthen their relations with the general public.

Highlighting the publication of Shahrvand Daily and the Payam-e- Helal biweekly journal by IRCS, Mr. Pedersen said he had so far visited over 140 countries of the world to meet with their National Societies, adding IRCS activities were “unique and clever which I have never seen in any other countries.”

Thor started visiting different countries about 5 years ago and has so far been to 148 countries in Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia without boarding a flight and always traveling by public transportation.

He stays in every country no less than 24 hours and no more than 11 days, and posts a weekly report on the distinctive activities of the National Societies on his Instagram page at