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IRCS Develops New Dialysis Filter

TEHRAN, July 1, (IRCS) _ Iran Helal Medical Devices Company, an affiliate to the Medical Procurement Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), has started trial production of a new dialysis filter (Plus series). 

Some of the features of this new dialysis filter include improving the quality indexes of filter such as its excellent blood compatibility with blood, fibre micro-undulation for the effective flow of dialysis solution, and suitable purification of small toxins of the uremic molecule in bloodstream; the item is produced according to the ISO8637standard requirements and has high potential for protection against endotoxins into the bloodstream.

The product is planned to enter mass-production stage during the current calendar year, which began on March 21.

 “new dialysis filter has been produced by using modern fibres, domestic human resources and experts, as well as considering environmental requirements in accordance with GMP principles,” Prof. Ali Asghar Peyvandi, IRCS President told IRNA.

With the aim of supplying required pharmaceutical products and medical devices by hospitals and IRCS’s medical centers, IRCS Medical Procurement Organization was founded in 1995. By enjoying a complex of pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing companies as well as possessing distribution and commercial companies, this Organization has endeavored to render the best possible services to honorable Iranians. By doing so and its sincere contribution, it has had a significant role in the healthcare system of the society.

Mr. Peyvandi also announced that IRCS was going to set up comprehensive rehabilitation centers in the major cities of all Iranian provinces.

 “Rehabilitation centers are among the medical centers that need to reach the standards of the country with the appropriate geographical distribution,” added Mr. Peyvandi. “Nervous and movement injuries are difficult to relocate, so comprehensive rehabilitation centers should be built all over the country.”

 “IRCS is going to connect to European modern rehabilitation centers to transfer experiments of different fields of health, care and rehabilitation in emergency and normal conditions to Iran and vice versa,” added IRCS President.

IRCS provides physical rehabilitation services to the patients at national and international levels. Annually, more than 3 million patients refer to the IRCS clinics, particularly nearly 170,000 go to IRCS Physical Rehabilitation Centers.