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Red Crescent Vaccinates over 70,000 Hajj Pilgrims

TEHRAN, July 28 (IRCS) _ Over 70,000 Iranian Hajj pilgrims have so far received meningococcal vaccines provided by the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS).

164 IRCS centers for vaccination are active throughout the country to vaccinate pilgrims before departure for the Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, IRCS have provided health services to Iranian Hajj pilgrims by procuring over 50 tons of medicine as well as treatment facilities.

Talking to ISNA, Dr. Hassan Safarieh, Under-Secretary General for Health, Treatment and Rehabilitation of the IRCS, said: “Nearly 72,000 Hajj pilgrims across the country have referred to IRCS branches to get meningococcal vaccines in 31 provinces of the country of which 11,000 are from Tehran province."

IRCS vaccination will cover all the Iranian pilgrims heading to Saudi Arabia, he added.

This year, in Medina, IRCS has provided 3 boarding clinics in 3 regions where the pilgrims have been resided, as well a medical office that is open 8 hours a day. In Mecca, 5 boarding clinics and 80 medical offices are ready to offer services to the Iranian pilgrims. Furthermore, arrangements have been made with Saudi hospitals in Mecca and Medina to admit Iranian pilgrims during Hajj.