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Operation Update - Iran Quake

28 August 2018

Following the earthquake of August 26th in Kermanshah, the IRCS started relief operation with dispatching 21 assessment teams (consist of 63 operational forces) to the affected area and assessed 42 villages (22 villages in Solas-e Babajani, 8 villages in Javanrood, 12 villages in Sar Pol-e Zahab).

18 Ambulances, 3 rescue vehicles and 3 helicopters have been dispatched by Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent Society for providing aids and services and 7000 bottles of drinking water, 750 food parcels and 100 carpets were distributed up to now. Also, 2 vehicles carrying water tanker were dispatched to areas.

IRCS's Secretary General and Head of Relief & Rescue Organisation visited the affected areas. No needs for emergency sheltering and or further relief operation yet but the IRCS will be standing in case of possible emergencies as may be likely caused by the aftershocks, to provide relief and rescue services for the people.


Contact information

For further information specifically related to this operation, please contact:

Dr. Davood Bagheri, USG for International Affairs and IHL of the Iranian Red Crescent Society

Tel: +98 21 88662618-9

Fax: +98 21 88201052