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IRCS Offers Medical Services to 10,000 Karbala Pilgrims


TEHRAN, Sept. 23 (IRCS) _ Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) provided medical services to 10,000 pilgrims of the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (a.s.), the third Shia Imam, during the days of Tasu'a and Ashura (September 19 and 20).

To receive the services, the pilgrims headed to 2 IRCS tents which were set up in the Iraqi city of Karbala.

6,700 pilgrims received dressing services during the two days,” said Dr. Seyyed Ali Marashi, head of the IRCS Hajj and Pilgrimage Medical Centre.

The IRCS medical team in Karbala has fulfilled its duties, and is being replaced by a new team to provide services to the pilgrims.

Iranian Red Crescent runs 2 clinics in Karbala, one in Najaf, and one in Kadhimiya, providing medical services to pilgrims of Al-Atabat Al-Aliyat (literally: holy doorsteps) which are the shrines of six Shia Imams in four Iraqi cities, namely Najaf, Karbala, Kadhimiya and Samarra.

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar, which began on September 11 this year. On the tenth of Muharram, 61 AH, Imam Hussein (a.s.) was slain in the battle of Karbala. This year, Muharram 10, known as Ashura, was on September 20. Shia Muslims mark Ashura and mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (a.s.). They also mark Muharram 9 as Tasu'a.