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Relief Education for Students is the goal of the Red Crescent


TEHRAN, Sept. 23 (IRCS) _ On the occasion of the Iranian new school year, President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Prof. Ali Asghar Peyvandi attended in the high school of martyr seyyed Hasan Ghayouri in Shar-e Rey County, Tehran, on Sunday morning and played the school bell.

Referring to the Dadras National Plan in IRCS, Prof. Peyvandi said: “Over the past six years, one million students in Iran have learned basic educations on disaster prevention by Dadras National Plan (literally, prepared students for difficult days)."

The Dadras National Plan has covered 9,000 high school across the country so far, so students can take action in order to save their lives, their families and their friends in disaster.

Prof. Peyvandi pointed to the IRCS Youth Organization activities and said: “Activities of the students clubs have started since 70 years ago in Iranian Red Crescent, and our goal is to bring students together and give them relief education and basic training on disaster prevention.”

Referring to the fact that Iran is a disaster prone country, IRCS President said: “We hope with the development of relief educations, the community will be prepared to face the disasters.”

“A way to continue a refreshing life is to learn urgent educations and preparing against disaster. I thank the teachers who have learned the educations and render to others.” Peyvandi added.