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IRCS President meets family of Martyred Relief Worker


TEHRAN, Sept. 26 (IRCS) _ On the occasion of the Holy Defence Week (Iran–Iraq War back in the 80s), President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Ali Asghar Peyvandi met the family of martyr Mohammad Javad Rahimi Moghaddam, an IRCS relief worker who was killed in the war, on Tuesday, September 25, and respected memories of Islamic martyrs of Iran.

“The great family of the Iranian Red Crescent donated 489 martyrs in the imposed war in order to defend the country, from all walks of the Society, staff to relief workers and volunteers over the country as medical staff, relief workers, logistics, pharmacy staff,” said IRCS President.

“Visiting families of the martyrs is a human responsibility for us,” added Peyvandi, adding, “Meeting and talking with the families of martyrs and reviewing their memories and courageous acts is very pleasurable, and we should strive to make these dedications and braveries a model for all the youth of the country and especially Red Crescent youths.”

During the meeting, the mother and sisters of the martyr recalled some memories of him and his testimony.

Spending relief educational courses at the Red Crescent, Martyr Mohammad Javad Rahimi Moghaddam was deployed to the front at the age of 17 with strong motives to join there.

40 days after his departure, he was wounded due to contact with chemical agents, and was martyred in the western city of Kermanshah’s Imam Hossein Hospital.

The biography of the Iranian Red Crescent martyrs will be published in the near future.