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Red Crescent, Telecommunication Company of Iran sign MOU


TEHRAN, Oct. 11, (IRCS) _ The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) and Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) based on the which the latter will provide for IRCS to use Neuronta secure and private network. 

This MOU was signed on Wednesday by Mahmoud Mohammadi Nasab, IRCS Secretary General and Seyyed Majid Sadri, TCI Chief Executive Officer on the sidelines of the Iran-elecomp show 2018 in Tehran.

According to the MOU,TCI undertakes to set up the communication service of Neuronta for IRCS to provide the communication needs of the society.

Based on our studies, there are communication defects in particular times, especially when disasters happen. In order to tackle the defects, we need some services of TCI. Therefore, for overcoming obstacles and bolstering the infrastructures, we signed the MOU with TCI today,” said IRCS Secretary General.

“We are planning to launch a navigation system, tailor-made for operational fields and disaster times for the ground relief fleet to benefit from in order to track and direct online relief operations.” he added.

Dr. Majid Sadri, TCI CEO, said it was an honour to sign a deal with IRCS, expressing optimism that the agreement set the ground for further cooperation between the two bodies. “Based on the MOU we signed today, we begin a joint effort to deliver good, secure and quality infrastructure as announced by the Red Crescent in order to cover well Red Crescent services.”

Neuronta will be specially-designed infrastructure for the IRCS, not to accept partner from other centers and is to be used in 44o points. Wherever the telephone line is available, the TCI will provide an infrastructure for IRCS to provide Internet communication. It is a significant infrastructure for IRCS to use it during the disasters to transfer the information timely and quickly. Establishing a Video conference connection and use of centralized software programs are the other capabilities of the infrastructure.