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IRCS President in Semnan

SEMNAN, Nov. 21 (IRCS) _ President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Ali Asghar Peyvandi attended regional Red Crescent’s staff sport tournament in Semnan during his visit to the province on Wednesday.

“One of the Iranian Red Crescent’s objectives in holding such sport competitions is to promote social elation whose promotion and dissemination should be considered as a social approach of the IRCS,” said Prof. Peyvandi at the closing ceremony of the tournament.

Moreover, building of Emergency Operations Center (EOC) of the Semnan provincial Red Crescent branch was launched in the presence of the IRCS President in an area of 480 square meters and in 2 floors.

IRCS President also visited a relief- administrative center in Sorkheh County, Semnan Province, and cultural center of Semnan Red Crescent branch. This cultural center, used for youth and volunteers’s cultural activities, has been renovated recently.

He described Semnan as a cultural and historical province which should be considered in traffic incidents. Peyvandi also stressed on intensifying logistical capacities for relief and rescue as well as developing public educations in Semnan provincial Red Crescent branch.