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Belgium Ambassador meets IRCS Under-Secretary General of International Affairs


TEHRAN, Dec. 4 (IRCS) _ Belgium Ambassador to Tehran Véronique Petit met with Davood Bagheri, Under-Secretary General of International Affairs and International Humanitarian Law of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), on Tuesday, December 4.

During the meeting, Dr. Bagheri outlined IRCS humanitarian activities in various fields such as relief and rescue, youth plans and voluntary services with the goal of rendering relief to the affected people in disasters.

“We have good relationship with the Society’s Public Relations Division and media during disasters, and information and updates regarding relief services are transferred to the media in the shortest time for the information of people in the society.” noted Bagheri.

Referring to 25 relief helicopters in the IRCS air relief fleet, he remarked: “During disaster times, Red Crescent relief helicopters and helicopters are deployed in the region in order to render relief services if needed.”

IRCS Under-Secretary General of International Affairs and IHL also referred to using a video conference system for connecting with Iranian provinces during disasters.

Moreover, Bagheri announced that it was scheduled that foreign ambassadors in Iran have a one-day visit to the Iranian Red Crescent sectors and organization in order to become familiar with the capacities and capabilities of the IRCS.

For his part, Véronique Petit brought out questions on Iranian Red Crescent capabilities against disasters, especially earthquake in Tehran.

The two sides also discussed following up on tracing services which are being conducted by the Iranian Red Crescent.