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Workshop on Introduction to RCRC Movement and IHL in Tehran

Iranian Red Crescent Society in close cooperation with ICRC Mission in Tehran held one day workshop for Iranian journalists on the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and International Humanitarian Law on 6th October 2016.

Amongst the speakers who spoke at the inaugural function was Ms. Mansooreh Bagheri, Director General of International Operations and Humanitarian Programs in the Iranian Red Crescent. "Mass media help the communities and the people move on their ways more successful and properly with further awareness and information,"

"Today, a large part of social, economic, cultural and humanitarian changes of communities are because of valuable efforts by journalists and reporters. Journalists are the bridge between the people and officials," she also added.

"Vulnerability does not mean the only need for food, shelter, etc but it means the need for tools and means to be heard; we as the humanitarian actors and journalists have duties to be the voice for them." said Helga Thorolfsdottir, cooperation delegate of ICRC Mission in Tehran.

On the opening ceremony of the workshop, Thorolfsdottir stressed that both organisations of ICRC and IRCS have organised such a workshop for journalists during the past ten years. "We have been successful in organising this workshop every two years, where we could share our experiences with journalists during this period of time,"

She also reminded that ICRC, IRCS and journalists should continue their cooperation to ensure that the needy people would receive the humanitarian aids at the proper time. Pointing to the bilateral relations and cooperation with media, Thorolfsdottir mentioned that journalists teach the public about the events and their impact on the people's lives. "Humanitarian actors are often closer to the affected and the victims of disasters, and they can provide the necessary information to media," she also added.

This workshop touched upon major issues pertaining to International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, external communication in ICRC, International Humanitarian Law (IHL), common challenges of the armed conflict risks and media coverage of humanitarian efforts in an armed conflict followed by practical session on a case study on conflict reporting and IHL. Aimed at providing vital information on the issue to the journalists, the workshop provided ample space for participating journalists to discuss and debate the topic with the speakers. 

The concluding session of the workshop was followed by a question and answer session, which opened the floor for discussing some of the challenges in reporting from difficult places in the field. This workshop was in continuation of similar courses that ICRC and IRCS have been conducting to train journalists for the past several years.