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NCHL President's Declaration on condemning airstrike in Sanaa, Yemen


President of National Committee of Humanitarian Law and President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, Dr. Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee, made a declaration  regarding the horrific airstrike to the funeral ceremony in Sana’a, Yemen and send a letter to his counterpart Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Akabab in the Yemen Red Crescent Society. In his declaration, Dr. Ziaee mentioned:

"Unfortunately, in accordance to released news and reports, more than 500 innocent civilians has been killed and injured following the bombardment of a funeral ceremony in the capital of Yemen. The image of a completely destroyed building with mutilated and charred bodies impressed the conscience and senses of every human being which the aforementioned situation creates the very repeatable question and problem of sanctions in international law generally and international humanitarian law specifically.

The humanitarian crises and tentative circumstances in Yemen which currently has been intensified, undoubtedly could lead to loose of more civilian lives.

The Iranian National Committee of Humanitarian Law seriously condemns any form of violence and attacks on civilians in Yemen. Upon the international law and IHL rules and principles, the IRCS requests all parties of conflicts in Yemen to respect and fulfill all their international obligations under fourth Geneva conventions and other related documents in order to protect civilians and preservation of fundamental equipments.

Certainly, keep the civilians alive, protecting their lives and objects and finally finding a solution in order to terminate the war and violence in Yemen considered as a humanitarian duty of all actors of humanitarian community which needs collective and targeted cooperation amongst them.

As the president of the IRCS and NCHL, I would like to ask all interested national societies to take immediate, appropriate, necessary and serious measures in form of humanitarian diplomacy for better protecting of civilians in Yemen.


Seyed Amir mohsen Ziaee (M.D)

President of the Iranian National committee of humanitarian Law

President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society"