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Chair and Vice Chair of IFRC Youth Commission visit Iranian Red Crescent

Mr. Bas Vas Rossoum, Chair and Ms. Lama Srour, Vice-chair of Youth Commission of the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) paid a visit to the Iranian Red Crescent in Tehran and met with Dr. Mohsen Moemeni, Managing Director of Red Crescent Provincial branch in Isfahan city On October 9th to get acquainted with the Youth Organization’s activities of the Iranian Red Crescent in Isfahan Red Crescent branch which is representing parts of the capacities of IRCS youth members  from the ages of 5 to 29 years old especially in kindergartens, schools and universities.

In their visit, Dr. Masoud Habibi, Head of the IRCS Youth Organization explained about a number of Red Crescent youth organization activities and plans including DADRAS plan (Prepared students for difficult days), National Plan of Nowrouz travellers' health and safety for reduction of road accidents across the country, as well as joint projects of prevention of drug addictions and abuses in close collaboration with Villa Maria Foundation in Italy as well as Airbus project for benefiting from the new methods and technologies in disasters in partnership with Airbus foundation.

Meanwhile, they participated in meeting in the presence of youth managers of Red Crescent branches in Tehran and Isfahan, five Deputy Managing Directors for Youth Affairs in Qom, Lorestan, Fars, Hamedan and Mazandaran provincial branches as well as top secretaries of the students’ centres for sharing the knowledge and experiences about the youth activities.

Before leaving to Tehran, they also visited the implementation of 8th training course on relief and rescue skills of DADRAS plan in Najafabad branch which has conducted by the selected male and female teams of the Isfahan Red Crescent provincial branch. The Topics of training include sheltering and safe evacuation, evaluating vital signs, CPR, wound dressing, bandage and bleeding control, fracture and splinting, fire extinguishing, emergency sheltering and transferring the injured people.

On October 10th, Chair of IFRC Youth Commission met with Dr. Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee, IRCS President and suggested the conduct of a Regional Conference on RCRC Youth hosted by the Iranian Red Crescent in cooperation with the IFRC as well as the establishment of regional networking for sharing the information and experiences amongst the National Societies in MENA region.