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IRCS health centres' services for over 731,000 patients

During the second half of 2016, more than 731,000 patients referred to the Iranian Red Crescent's medical centres and hospitals within the country. In the second half of this year, 731,978 patients benefited from Red Crescent public services, dental care, specialty clinics, paraclinical and the Medical Procedure Services (MPS).

In the meantime, more than 365,000 patients referred to the Iranian Red Crescent's medical centres to receive the Medical Procedure Services which was the most wanted amongst the other Red Crescent's medical services. MPS includes ambulatory surgery also known as outpatient surgery, casting, vaccinations and so on.

Most referees to Red Crescent medical centres were in the provincial branch of Zanjan with nearly 100,000 patients in the province. Two medical centres in Tehran in Red Crescent Health, Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre and Pishwa City received and recorded 1,709 patients.

A number of Red Crescent provincial branches enjoy medical centres in various cities. In total, Red Crescent medical centres are active and rendering services in 26 provinces in the country.

At the same period of time in the second half of this year, a number of 41,729 people were also vaccinated in Red Crescent medical centres across the country. The Iranian Red Crescent is providing vaccination services in the whole country.