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The Battle for Life and Death Under the Rubble of Plasco Shopping Center

“Following a fire in Plasco Shopping Center, 20 operational teams and relief workers of the Iranian Red Crescent Society immediately deployed to the scene to quickly start search and rescue operation, provide relief to victims of this disaster and help people trapped under debris and rubbles,” said Morteza Salimi, Head of Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organisation, referring to the collapse of Plasco Shopping Center located on Islamic Republic street in Tehran.



He also pointed out to the dispatch of 70 rescuers to provide relief and rescue services and try to save those of people injured and trapped beneath the rubble after the incident of firing and collapse of Plasco Shopping Center completely. Mr. Salimi added that two Red Crescent sniffing dog teams containing 8 sniffing dogs, 10 ambulances plus eight 4WD vehicles have been dispatched to the scene, as well.


Salimi urged all people to evacuate the routes leading to the site of the accident in order to expedite the deployment process of relief and rescue forces as well as ambulances.


Dr. Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee, President of the Iranian Red Crescent and Morteza Salimi, Head of Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organisation were present at the scene immediately after the incident to directly supervise the work of Red Crescent relief and rescue teams searching the rubble since the early hours of the collapsed Plasco Shopping Center and the trap of some of the people in this building. All branches of Red Crescent provincial branch in Tehran are on alert to deliver humanitarian relief and rescue aid in Tehran.


Plasco Shopping Center in central Tehran collapsed due to old structure after burning for about 4 hours on Thursday, 19 January 2017. Despite efforts of firefighters, Red Crescent relief workers and rescuers, the number of victims or injured ones is not clear yet as the rescue and search is still underway.