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Study Visit to Iranian Red Crescent for Group of Utrecht University's Students

Twenty students of Urios, the Study Association for International and European Law at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, who were selected on the basis of motivation and academic results travelled to Tehran from the 29th of April to the 7th of May and paid a study tour to the Iranian Red Crescent on Wednesday, 3rd of May 2017.  

The objective was to organize a study-tour to the Iranian Red Crescent in order to provide interested and academically excellent students a chance to experience and engage with international law on a practical level.

Dr. Masoud Habibi, Head of Youth Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent reported on the activities of Red Crescent Youth Organisation to the Dutch students and presented the structure of Youth Organization and its activities. "400,000 students as members of Red Crescent Youth Organisation receive trainings on relief and rescue skills annually,"

"Members of university student and youth clubs are moving towards the activities of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement through cultural, recreational, educational and humanitarian programmes in the Iranian Red Crescent," added Dr. Habibi during his visit with students.

"We had honour to visit the Iranian Red Crescent and meet with youth representatives while we were in Tehran. We also had conversations with a number of Red Crescent managers about International Humanitarian Law, the importance of humanitarian work of the Iranian Red Crescent in an international sense and the youth efforts in the context of the Red Crescent," said Mr. Pieter-Bas van Suijlichem, Activities Commissioner of Urios at Utrecht University at the end of his visit to the Iranian Red Crescent.

The study visit programme of the Iranian Red Crescent aims to help national and foreign students, visiting the Iranian Red Crescent under the guidance of some experts, make contacts in their specific academic field of IHL or any other interested humanitarian fields and gain knowledge of humanitarian works by undertaking visits, tours and information discussions which provide them with an insight into the work of the National Society.