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Red Crescent relief and rescue efforts underway in Golestan coal mine

Red Crescent relief and rescue operations to save the miners trapped at Zemestanyurt mine in northern province of Golestan are still undergoing, days after a deadly explosion which killed a number of miners.

"Due to the ruggedness of the road leading to the Zemestanyurt mine, 12 victims of the incident were taken to hospital by Red Crescent helicopter immediately following the blast. Also, 1.000 canned foods, blankets and relief tents, medical equipments, cylinders of oxygen and respiratory masks have been moved into place by Red Crescent helicopter," said Dr. Hossein Ahmadi, Managing Director of Red Crescent Society of Golestan province stressing on providing services for victims of the Zemestanyurt coal mine incident.

Mr. Mostafa Mohammadioun, Secretary General of Iranian Red Crescent has kept his regular phone call contacts with Red Crescent provincial branch of Golestan to monitor and follow-up the process on providing continuous humanitarian support to the victims of this incident.

Ayatollah Abdolhossein Moezi, Supreme Leader's representative in the Iranian Red Crescent issued his condolence message on the death of a number of coal mine workers following this incident in Golestan. 

"By expressing my gratitude and thanks to all rescuers and relief workers especially Red Crescent forces who fulfill their duties and responsibilities and are always at the scene within the shortest possible time, I need to emphasize on the speed and accuracy in continuing the provision of relief and rescue assistance in order to hopefully witness the saving of the rest of the miners as soon as possible," stated Ayatollah Abdolhossein Moezi in his condolence message.

Mr. Morteza Salimi, Head of Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent announced that 103 miners have received the services from the Iranian Red Crescent as well as 150 blankets, 6 tents, 35 kg of plastic sheets, 1,000 canned foods, 660 loaves of bread and 750 bottles of mineral water have also moved into place. All Red Crescent relief and rescue teams together with search and rescue teams are on full alert for further actions.

An explosion in the coal mine on late Wednesday killed at least 35 workers and injured scores.