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IRCS presents realistic training Scheme to increase disaster preparedness

According to annual reports, natural disasters such as flooding, earthquake and drought are the most experienced emergencies in Iran and they trigger many casualties. The researches demonstrate that the level of Iranian families' preparedness for natural disasters is 9.3 points out of 100 that show a long way to take proper approach on scaling up safety and resilience. 

To meet the needs of the Iranian communities, the Iranian Red Crescent Society is implementing Khadem scheme (Prepared Family for Risks) to increase the preparedness of 25 million families in disasters. The purpose of this scheme is to raise the preparedness of each person plus him/her family members for disasters and provide them with relief, rescue and first aid trainings. Khadem scheme is part of Red Crescent public education in line with article 3 of Iranian Red Crescent' statute that states "planning and action for disaster preparedness and tanning the general public in emergencies."

Referring to the implementation of national Khadem scheme by the Iranian Red Crescent, Mr. Esmaeil Najjar, Head of the National Disaster Management Organisation said that implementation of this scheme by the Iranian Red Crescent will increase the readiness of people to better deal with emergencies. "Due to the mandate of the Iranian Red Crescent in relief and rescue as well as in public education, the national society will implement this scheme by the year of 2020 aiming to increase the preparedness of 25 million Iranian families to properly cope with disasters," 

"Having the prepared team members inside families, having awareness on family emergency mapping, having a plan to deal with people with disabilities in the family, having a trained person in the family, having awareness on the safety components and building construction, and identifying areas of risk in buildings are the most important criteria in the implementation of national Khadem scheme," said Dr. Mohsen Momeni Managing Director of Isfahan Provincial Branch.