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A World Awaiting for Peace in Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2017

We marked World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day on the 8th May this year, while the Iranian Red Crescent Society celebrated the day by the slogan of "A World Awaiting for Peace". Indeed, by using and employing its trained forces, devoted and self-sacrificing volunteers, the Iranian Red Crescent is trying to be Ambassador of Peace and Friendship and an angel for saving the lives of the affected and vulnerable who are encountering and experiencing unpleased and difficult situations 

Peace is a symbol of peaceful coexistence and altruism. The Iranian Red Crescent Society is the messenger of this precious sample in the international arena and speaks as one voice on giving right to life of any idea and belief. So it is good that we get along and go along with the ambassadors of peace and friendship in this area, and become united in putting this lofty objective in practice.