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Red Crescent healthcare services for patients in Iran

Dr. Afshin Alikhani, Red Crescent Director General of Health and Care said that about one million five hundred thousand people benefited from health and care services of the Iranian Red Crescent throughout the country during last year.

"Currently, health and care staff of the Red Crescent Society of Iran are working and rendering their services in 44 healthcare centres including 36 medical centres and 7 clinics and one dialysis centre in 26 provinces of the country to meet the healthcare needs of the most vulnerable people," mentioned Director General of the Iranian Red Crescent regarding the provision of healthcare services by Red Crescent medical centres in Iran.  

Dr. Alikhani also stated that over 283,000 people have been visited by general physicians, 688,000 people received nursing services and 123,000 patients benefited from dental services of the Iranian Red Crescent's medical centres in last year.

Pointing to the injection of meningitis vaccine for 52,951 people, Dr. Alikhani stressed that 5,728 patients referred to dialysis centre, 148,000 people went to specialised clinics, and 112,000 patients visited paraclinical centres of the Iranian Red Crescent to get medical services.