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Iranian Red Crescent teams save 30 climbers

Following a telephone call to Red Crescent Emergency Operating Centre for the relief and rescue, the mountain relief and rescue teams from district branch in Tonekabon County, Mazandaran Province, northern Iran were immediately deployed with full equipment to the area to start the search and rescue operations for a group of 30 climbers from Tehran province who were distracted and got lost in their climbing on the path of Kelardasht highlands to Neshtaroud.

After two days of continuous search, relief and rescue teams of the Iranian Red Crescent were able to find all climbers at the height of the Neshtaroud forest in the city of Tonekabon. All of the climbers are healthy and transferred to safe areas.

Every year, many tourists and climbers climb up to the altitudes of the Tonekabon region for fun and hiking, which is required for climbers to do it with full climbing equipments especially telecommunication equipment. Because of the existence of massive and pristine woods, as well as the feature of the Alborz mountain range that is connected and continuous, all climbers and visitors need to get the help of local people who are capable and well familiar to the region in order to prevent such incidents.