iranian red crescent


Healthcare and Medical Services


Health and Emergency Treatment

  • Providing training and equipping reproductive health teams to render reproductive health services in disasters
  • Providing medicines by IRCS pharmaceutical centres for needy patients
  • Implementation of projects on reducing harms resulting from HIV/AIDS
  • Providing medicines and medical supplies for the IRCS medical centres abroad, medical operational teams and units in the disaster affected areas
  • Offering vaccination services in 31 provinces
  • Establishing mobile clinics
  • Forming emergency rapid forces for disasters
  • Forming educational networks on especial training courses of mobile system
  • Holding educational courses on management of rehabilitation and BHCU
  • Road relief and emergency treatment services during disasters
  • Holding seminars on meningitis during Hajj pilgrimage and the way of its transmission and prevention
  • Increasing the capacity of responding to Basic Health Care (BHC) needs during disasters
  • Organising and equipping rapid field hospitals
  • Organising emergency teams of BHCU, RDH and RH


Physical Rehabilitation Services

  • Providing physical rehabilitation services to the patients at the national and international levels. The services are including physiotherapy, vocational therapy, audiometer, speech therapy, hydrotherapy, clinical nutrition, neurology, clinical hypnotises and mechano therapy


  • Establishing orthopaedic centres in various provincial branches


Medical Procurement Services


  • Providing medicines and medical supplies for the IRCS medical centres abroad


  • Conveying technology and production of specialised medicines and medical equipments at the service of IRCS humanitarian activities


  • Strategic participation with domestic and foreign companies in the context of production of new medicines


  • Improving exports and entering into global markets by applying available opportunities


  • Enhancing medicine delivery network  for revision of  approaching indexes and providing for public


  • Expanding production of herbal medicines specially in the field of traditional medicine


  • Developing communications with universities with the aim of changing knowledge to technology


  • Implementing permanent researches for achieving new technologies with cooperation of universities and research centres


  • Manufacturing machines for automatic packaging of Insulin


  • Optimising and modifying the process of sterilisation of disposable medical supplies by using Ethylene Oxide


  • Manufacturing of syringes (5, 2, and 10) (31%- 45%- 65%) and Dialysis sets (52%) and Thalassemia sets (38%)


  • Manufacturing machine for leaking test of venous and arterial sets


  • Producing Venlafaxine tablets (75 mg) and Aciphex tablet capsules (37/5mg)



  • Manufacturing Sodium Bicarbonate Sacks for haemodialysis


  • Providing relief food packages for 24-48-72 hours especially made for incidents and natural disasters


  • Producing herbal medicines