iranian red crescent


IRCS International Operations


China ---> Deadly earthquake hit China in 2008 the Iranian RC delivered its in-kind humanitarian donation (2,684 tents) to aid the affected people.


Haiti ---> The Iranian RC delivered two rounds humanitarian consignments to address the needs of the affected people from catastrophic earthquake in Port- au- Prince, Haiti in 2009; the consignments included food items, relief goods together with medicine and medical equipment backed by relief and medical teams following. The first round included food items and relief goods weighing 24,962 kg; while the second round included 2,250 kg medicine and medical equipment.

The Iranian RC, also, delivered a humanitarian consignment including tents and mosquito nets weighing 2,382 kg to Haiti following Hurricane Sandy in 2012 through IFRC Logistic Office in Panama.

Also the Iranian RC allocated CHF 10,000 to Emergency Appeal launched by IFRC for Haiti in 2016.


Pakistan ---> following devastating and massive flood in Pakistan in 2010, the Iranian RC consigned 28 consignments weighing 5,253,407 kg in total to said country. Also; in 2011, Iranian RC sent out a consignment weighing 97,930 kg.

Iranian RC, also, helps Pakistan regarding the following disasters:

Allocating USD 50,000 for the flood affected people in 2012.

Delivering consignment weighing 22,150 kg for the benefit of the earthquake stricken people in 2013.

Delivering consignment weighing 13,700 kg for the benefit of the flood affected people in 2014.


Somalia ---> The Iranian RC assisted the affected people of Somalia for drought, famine and capacity building as follows:

  • Kind donation of USD 1,100,000 in 2011 (drought)
  • Kind donation of USD 30,000 in 2012 (capacity building)
  • In-kind donation of USD 182,061 in 2012 (drought)
  • Kind donation of USD 18,500 in 2013 (capacity building )
  • Kind donation of CHF 250,000 in 2013 (Somalia Refugees)
  • Kind donation of 70,000 in 2013 (cyclone)
  • Kind donation of USD 1,500,000 in 2015(drought)
  • Kind donation of USD 100,000 in 2017 (drought)
  • Kind donation of CHF 800,000 in 2017 (drought)
  • Bangladesh (Rohingya Crisis) ---> The Iranian RC sent out 3 in-kind donations weighing 99,342 kg including food and relief items for the benefit of the Rohingya affected people in Bangladesh in 2017.