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Covid-19 Vaccines Imported by Red Crescent exceed 17m doses‎

TEHRAN, 19 August 2021 (IRCS) – The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) ‎imported the 15th consignment of Covid-19 vaccines to the country on ‎Thursday which ‎included 1,110,000 doses.‎

Iranian Red Crescent delivered the consignment to Iran’s Ministry of health to be used for vaccination of the people.

Cooperating with the universities of medical sciences, the IRCS is participating in public vaccination.

IRCS tries to double the imports of the Coronavirus vaccines to the country during the next Iranian month (Shahrivar) which begins on 23 August, said Dr Karim Hemmati, IRCS President.

17,060,000 doses of Coronavirus viccaines have been imported to the country by ‎the Iranian Red Crsecent so far.

According to the IRCS president, the Society will import 5 million doses of the vaccines to the country on a weekly basis by the end of Shahrivar, which will bring the totall number of vaccine imports to 40 million doses.

Some 564 more Iranians have died from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) over the past 24 hours bringing the total death toll to 100,255, Iran's Health Ministry said on Thursday.