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IRCS Health Centers On Alert Against New Wave of Pandemic

TEHRAN, 7 February 2022 (IRCS) - All the Iranian Red Crescent’s health and ‎treatment centers across the country are on alert to provide outpatient ‎treatment, injection and quarantine services to patients with Covid-19 in the ‎sixth wave of the pandemic, said IRCS President on Monday.‎

IRCS provides medical services to the public by calling in specialized volunteers.

Furthermore, the Red Crescent vaccination centers continue to work.

Since the pandemic emerged in Iran, the Red Crescent has provided various services to the people, from importing Covid-19 vaccines into the country, checking ‎travellers in borders for Covid-19 ‎infection to hospitalization and treatment of patients with Corona in Noor Afshar Hospital, which is affiliated to the Iranian Red Crescent, etc.

The Iranian Ministry of Health reported the first confirmed cases of the Coronavirus infections in the central province of Qom on 19 February 2020.