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IRCS Young Volunteers Defeat Covid-19

TEHRAN (IRCS) - The ceremony of awarding the National Statue of Sacrifice to the active members of the Iranian Red Crescent Youth Organization was held at the University of Tehran and 16 members of the Organization were honored for their humanitarian efforts in preventing the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

Shahrvand daily, which is affiliated with the Iranian Red Crescent, interviewed three of the young volunteers who were awarded the statue.

Mojtaba Sar-Afraz, an IRCS young member from Yasuj, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, served the elderly patients during the pandemic.

“It was the first days of coronavirus outbreak. Hospitals were crowded with patients. The Red Crescent volunteers decided to help elderly patients who had to be hospitalized at home. Despite all the concerns, we started nursing the elderly,” says Mojtaba.

He managed to serve five elderly patients, from two weeks of nursing and care to cash and psychological support. “Nursing was hard work. By removing family members from the center of the disease, we had to bear this hardship alone. Eventually, we got Corona ourselves, but thanks to the good prayers of the patients, we recovered and fortunately we managed to pass this stage.”

He has been a Red Crescent volunteer for 16 years. In addition to the Covid-19 period, he distributes food and hygiene items to the needy with relief teams.

Furthermore, with the cooperation of a charity in Yasuj, capital of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Mojtaba and his friends provided small businesses for deprived women in their homes; otherwise they had to sell drugs because of poverty and lack of social support.

“Fortunately, today, after 4 years, we are witnessing the self-sufficiency of 15 of these women,” says Mojtaba.

Farshad Tavakkoli is a 29-year-old young volunteer who has been serving the people for 13 years.

He has done various voluntary activities, from blood donation to patients to distributing food and hygiene parcels in deprived and remote areas.

Thirteen years ago, as Farshad took part in an English language course in the Red Crescent, he met with Red Crescent volunteers who headed to affected regions to help the people.

“I always liked to wear the Red Crescent uniform. After I completed the language course, I registered in the Red Crescent training course and eventually joined the Society,” he said. “Today I am one of those volunteers who lovingly participate in all relief missions and social activities.”

Elham Ebrhimi is a young volunteer from the western province of Kurdistan. She is an elite university student who helped elementary students in remote areas of the city of Sanandaj to continue studying during the pandemic. She went to the area when she was informed that the students in the suburbs had been dropped out of school due to the closure of school after Covid-19.

“With the outbreak of Coronavirus, support teams were formed in the Red Crescent of our province. In the Sepehr-e Danesh (literally, Sky of Science) team, I preferred to teach the students who had dropped out of school,” Elham says. “We managed to teach nearly 900 students who hadn’t tablets or cellphones for studying their lessons. We held the classes in mosques and Red Crescent houses and we are very happy today with the results.”