IRCS continuing relief operations to respond to climatic disasters

TEHRAN, 01 December 2020 (IRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent forces continue relief operations as snowfall and inundation have impacted several provinces since November 28.

According to the Relief and Rescue Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent, over the past four days, relief workers have assisted 1,927 people affected by snow and blizzard in 13 provinces.

Of these, 13 people were transported to medical centers and 70 were provided emergency accommodation. 250 vehicles were recovered from snowstorm.

Furthermore, heavy rains which led to inundation and flood, hit eight provinces.

Aid workers provided relief to 4,902 people, transferring 7 people to safe places and took 3 to medical centers. 575 people were also evacuated and given emergency sheltering. Relief workers also pumped water out of 87 houses.

Red Crescent teams distributed blankets, moquette, plastic nylons, washing sets, food parcels, canned food, rice, sugar, beans, edible oil and heating devices among the affected people.


PHOTOS: Aid workers distribute relief items to flood-affected people in Mahshahr County in the southwestern province of Khuzestan/ IRCS


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