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IRCS sympathizes with Afghanistan following Terrorist Attack to Kabul University

TEHRAN/KABUL, 17 November 2020 (IRCS) - Iranian Red Crescent ‎President Dr Karim Hemmati expressed his condolence with Dr Mirwais ‎Akram, President of Afghan Red Crescent Society, Afghan nation and families ‎of the students killed during a terrorist attack to Kabul University on ‎November 12 through a letter to Afghani Red Crescent, emphasizing ‎prohibition of attacks on civilian people and places in international law.‎

In his message to president of Afghan Red Crescent, Mr Hemmati wrote:

“On behalf of myself and my colleagues in the National Committee of International Humanitarian Law and the Iranian Red Crescent Society, as a member of the largest "humanitarian family" in the world, I express condolences to you and your esteemed colleagues in the Afghan Red Crescent Society and the people of Afghanistan, especially the bereaved families of students in the painful incident of Kabul University, the great center of science and knowledge in the society of Afghanistan.

“Students and universities are considered "protected civilian persons and places" in accordance with the rules of international law and Islam, and attacks on them are prohibited by the international community of governments, international organizations and international civil society, and according to international instruments, it is includes among international crimes, such as "crimes against humanity.

“It is hoped that governments and international organizations will do their utmost to prevent the spread of hatred, violence and terrorist acts that disrupt "international peace and security" and, more than ever, to be interdependent to achieve the ideals of humanity, peace, justice  and the protection of human dignity; the lofty ideals and objectives that have been especially stressed in Islamic teachings and have also been prominent in the statutes of the pillars of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

“Adhering to existing international instruments calling on National Societies to rush to each other's aid and stand by each other in the event of such events, the Iranian Red Crescent Society adheres to the "culture of nonviolence and peace" that has always been emphasized, and expresses its readiness to work with that Society to help the bereaved families and alleviate their suffering.”