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President Rouhani Appreciates Red Crescent for Humanitarian Campaigns

TEHRAN, 15 October 2020 (IRCS) - President of the Islamic Republic of Iran ‎Dr ‎Hassan Rouhani has honored Iranian Red Crescent Society for its efforts to ‎implement ‎campaigns of “Water Offering” and “Khademan-e Hosseini”.‎

Mahmoud Vaezi, Head of Presidential Office, sending the ‎appreciation letter of President Rouhani to Red Crescent, conveyed the gratitude of ‎Mr Rouhani to all volunteers and members of the Iranian Red Crescent for ‎implementing national campaigns of Water Offering and Khademan-e Hosseini.‎

This year, the national "Water Offering" campaign was implemented for the third ‎time by the Red Crescent Society of Iran in underdeveloped areas of Sistan and ‎Baluchestan, Kerman, Hormozgan, and South Khorasan provinces. The Red ‎Crescent volunteer teams rendered health services to villagers. Furthermore, ‎youth members of the Red Crescent provided livelihood items for deprived ‎villagers from raising cash contributions of benefactors. Red Crescent also ‎installed water tankers in the villages.‎

Moreover, with the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, Iranian Red Crescent screened ‎travellers and passengers at the entry points of the provinces during Nowruz (the ‎Iranian New Year) which begins on 20 March. For combating the virus, the Red ‎Crescent also distributed protective masks, gloves and sanitation solutions in ‎places where people mourned the martyrdom of the third Shia Imam ‎through a campaign named Khademan-e Hosseini over the first ten days of Muharram ‎month.‎