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Red Crescent-imported Covid-19 Vaccines exceed 40m doses‎

TEHRAN, 23 September 2021 (IRCS) - The Iranian Red Crescent Society ‎‎(IRCS) imported the 21st consignment of Civid-19 vaccines into the country ‎on September 23 to bring the total number of doses to 40,390,000.‎

This consignment contains 5 million doses of Civid-19 vaccine. Iranian Red Crescent also imported a consignment of 5 million doses into the country on September 16 as the 20th consignment.

The vaccines delivered to the Ministry of health immediately for public vaccination.

In total, the Society has imported 40 million and 390,000 doses of vaccines to the country since April 2021.

“The number of Red Crescent vaccination centers has increased due to the high volume of vaccine imports,” said Dr Karim Hemmati, President of the Iranian Red Crescent.

In addition to 307 vaccination centers that were active in cooperation with medical universities, the Red Crescent has now activated 29 independent vaccination centers in more than 9 provinces.

According to IRCS president, the Society has assisted the Ministry of Health in the fight against Coronavirus and 70 percent of the imported vaccines have been imported by the Iranian Red Crescent.