Red Crescent Continues Firefighting in Toskastan forest

GORGANM, 7 November 2020 (IRCS) – Red Crescent helicopter has ‎‎participated in an operation to fight the fire in Toskastan forest in Gorgan ‎County, the ‎northeastern province of Golestan, Iran, with more than 16 hours ‎of flight in the ‎affected regions.‎

Extinguishing operations began on November 1 when the fire reduced 15 ‎hectares of pastures in Maraveh Tappeh to ashes. The fire was stifled by the efforts ‎of the Red Crescent and Environment Division’s forces but it continues in ‎Tuskastan forested and highland area while 600 relief workers participated in firefighting operations with helicopter.‎

‎"In addition to participating in extinguishing operations, the Red Crescent’s ‎helicopter has transported 390 relief workers to the affected regions, ‎transferring 5,500 kg of rescue services to the fire and moving 5,500 ‎kilograms of freight,” said Farhad Mighani, Managing Director of Golestan ‎provincial Red Crescent branch.

To speed up the firefighting operations, army forces have entered the area ‎since Saturday morning.‎


PHOTOS: Mostafa Hassanzadeh/ Tasnim News agency



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