Red Crescent finds bodies of two missing climbers in Tehran heights

TEHRAN, 28 December 2020 (IRCS) - Red Crescent teams could find 11 dead ‎bodies of missing climbers in the northern heights of Tehran during three days ‎of search operations.‎

The dead bodies were found in Kolak Chal (8 bodies), Darabad (2 bodies) and Ahar (1 body).‎

On Sunday evening, after finding two dead bodies of the climbers in Darabad, Iranian Red Crescent officially announced the completing of Search operations.

Red Crescent teams also saved 14 climbers in Tehran heights in recent snowstorms.

Iranian Red Crescent used its helicopters to transport the dead bodies of the climbers.

Last week, Iran Meteorological Organization warned of snow and avalanche in Tehran heights.

Twenty teams of Red Crescent consisting of 100 rescuers and relief workers carried out relief and rescue operations to save the climbers.


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