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UPDATED/ Red Crescent sets up tents for quake-affected people in Sankhast

BOJNOURD, 18 May 2021 (IRCS) - Following a magnitude 5.5 earthquake in sankhast city of North Khorasan province on early Monday, Iranian Red Crescent teams provided emergency items for affected people.

The quake occurred at 3:34 am (local time) at a depth of 16 km on Monday, 17 May.

Following the quake, the Iranian Red Crescent sent relief teams and one rescue helicopter to the affected areas.

According to the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organization, 1088 people have received relief services so far.

Aid workers have set up 271 tents and distributed blanket, moquette, food parcels and canned food in the affected areas.

The Red Crescent mobilized more than 151 relief workers to support those who affected by the quake.


An Iranian Red Crescent relief worker assessing urban houses in Karf village in Sankhast after the earthquake


Mehdi Valipour, Head of the Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent said: “Red Crescent has provided emergency shelters for 70 households. Emergency items have been distributed among affected households and further assistance is ready to be sent for the people.”

Sankhast quake affected 37 villages. In 5 villages, houses are reportedly damaged 50 per cent. Seven villages in Garmeh county have suffered minor damages, mostly in shoork village with 42 houses.

According to officials, the number of injured people in Sankhast earthquake has reached 33 people, 32 people due to rushing out of their houses and one because of falling debris.