‎2nd IRCS humanitarian plane unloaded at Beirut airport

Beirut, 06 August 2020 (IRCS) - The second consignment of the Iranian Red ‎Crescent's humanitarian and relief items for the people of Beirut, which was ‎sent by air, has arrived in Lebanon‏.‏

Furthermore, the Iranian Red Crescent's RDH (Rapid Deployment Hispital) will be set up in Beirut.


Lebanese Health Minister Lauds Iran Swift Response to Beirut Blast

Lebanon’s Health Minister appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran for sending immediate ‎aids to Lebanon after the Beirut blast.‎

Visiting the wards of the Iranian Red Crsecent’s Rapid Deployment Hospital (RDH) ‎at Al-Hadath University Complex, Hamad Hassan thanked the Iranian Red ‎Crescent Society (IRCS)'s efforts and Dr Karim Hemmati, IRCS Presidnt, for sending ‎relief and mediacal items and experienced medical staff to Beirut, stressing: “Iran ‎is the first country which has sent full aids including relief workers, medical team, ‎livelihood items and medicine to Lebanon to help the injured people.”‎


PHOTOS: Mohammad Javadzadeh/ IRCS



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