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IRCS Produces 3-layer Mask, Face Shield

TEHRAN, 20 May 2020 (IRCS) – Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has opened the production line of three-layer mask and face shield at Helal Iran Medical Devices Company, an affiliate to the Society.

Three-layer mask (nursing mask) protects people from dust particles and viral contamination.

Face shield (Medical Shield) is a safe, light and efficient item to protect the eyes, mouth and nose with full face coverage.

The production line of these items was inaugurated on May 20 at Helal Iran Medical Devices Company in a ceremony attended by the President of the Red Crescent Society of Iran Dr Karim Hemmati.

These items have obtained the required permits from Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

“Regarding the coronavirus outbreak, I can say today that we have become self-sufficient in production of personal protective products which means that if we face a peak of Corona in the fall, we will not have any problems in this regard,” said the Iranian Red Crescent’s president.“Red Crescent factories are able to supply 7 million masks a year, and currently more than 50,000 three-layer masks with the best quality are being produced on a daily basis in the factories which are affiliated to the Iranian Red Crescent.”

Furthermore, today, two new products with a volume of 500 and 250 ml were added to the production line of antiseptic solution in Helal Iran Medical Devices Company and Soha Pharmaceutical Company, which is affiliated to the Iranian Red Crescent.

Prior to launching this new production line, the two companies supplied a total of 10,000 liters of antiseptic (5,000 liters by Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. and 5,000 liters by Soha Pharmaceutical Co.) in 1 and 5-liter gallons.



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