Heavy rains shower Northern Iran

RASHT, 15 July 2020 (IRCS) – Red Crescent teams are offering relief to flood-affected areas in Iran’s northern province of Gilan in the middle of summer.

Heavy rains which caused inundation and flood in Talesh County on Monday, July 13, damaged five houses in the countryside.

Red Crescent teams were dispatched to the areas and rendered relief services to the affected people. A 65-years-old woman lost her life due to flood in Talesh, according to Disaster Management Organization of Iran.

Heavy rains also fell in counties of Talseh, Siahkal, Rezvanshahr, Fouman and Masal on July 15, injuring seven households and two bridges in Talesh-Marian artery, and blocking the road, according to the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organisation.

Furthermore, flood damaged seven houses in Siahkal County. Red Crescent teams have distributed rice, heaters, washing powders, food parcels, edible oils, moquette, blankets, and plastic bags to the affected families.

Heavy rains triggered inundation in Punel-Khalkhal artery and Masouleh suburb in Fouman County, hurting a sedan in Masouleh.

Red Crescent relief workers and rescuers as well as two rapid response teams are alert in 16 Counties of Gilan province with full equipment.



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